Peptides & Fluoropeptides
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Qventas' peptide synthesis starts at $1.89/AA, with a minimum order at $99
Using state of the art automation technology

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Lead time -- 1 week for unpurified peptides and 2-3 weeks for purified Peptides
For >100mg Peptides

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Qventas LPPS (Liquid Phase Peptide Synthesis) Technology For Shorter Peptides on Large Scale

  • No Convergent Approach
  • Optimize coupling efficiency in DMF and NNP as solvents
  • CuCl protocol to minimize racemerization
  • NaHCO3 + Citrate washings before next coupling
  • Final low temperature ester hydrolysis
  • LC-MS quality control

    96 Well Plate Peptide Library/$999
    Qventas offers 96 different peptides which are synthesized in a 96-well plate, within 2 weeks. You can use such plate with up to 96 peptides (up to 20-mer at ~5mg each) for protein characterization, libraries and epitope mapping as well.

    Qventas peptide lab focuses on tough, hard to make complex peptides. Comprehensive modifications of any peptides are available with Fmoc, biotin, fluorescence at both C and N terminals.

    Qventas Fluoropeptides Technology
    Synthetic Fluoropeptides are pharmacologically very useful compounds. For example, Fluoropeptide can be used as highly selected deliverable antigens. Fluoropeptides promote robust immune responses without requiring booster chemicals called adjuvants which have the potential to be toxic in humans.
    We specialize on making special fluorine-containing amino acids available and apply Fmoc chemistry for further peptide synthesis. 3-FluoroAlanine and 4-FluoroProline are our focus at present.
    We use isolated Fmoc fluoro amino acid fluorides as key building blocks as protected amino acid fluorides have previously been shown to be among the most efficient reagents for peptide bond formation.

    Qventas Key Fluoro Amino Acids Building Blocks For Fluoropeptides Synthesis

  •    Hot!    Fmoc Amino Acids In Bulk Quantities
    20 AAs Library/50g each at only $1999

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